Our Vision

At MEGS we believe every business owner needs to tell their story no matter where they are from. We all deserve to have the skills and technology available to us to make our business sucessful.

There are Hidden Gems  in business everywhere.

Who is MEGS International?

Our #1 focus at MEGS is to ensure each client walks away empowered to maximize your online presence for their business and personal brand. At MEGS we review what you are doing - how you are doing it and help you do it better.

We are your digital auditors for hire.

Meghan McNabb

Founder & CEO

Meghan’s true passion in life has been to learn peoples stories and how to give those stories wings to fly. In January 2017 she ignited that flame through empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their online presence. Meghan is a master motivator, networker and enjoys inspiring others to create a more powerful and purposeful future for themselves. Meghan’s love for “all things new” and her keen eye for detail ensures that every small business she interacts with can truly become their own online marketing team. She loves exploring new platforms and figuring out the fastest and most affordable way to be seen.

Meghan is currently completing a graduate certificate in Social Media Marketing at Conestoga College and attended the University of Windsor where she studied Commerce. She has over five years’ experience coaching and managing in the Health and Wellness industry and two in retail management.

Meghan is an executive member of the Guelph Women in Networking (GWIN) and incoming 2017/18 Vice President, a member of Company of Women and is actively engaged with a variety of networking groups in Kitchener- Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas.

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