Social Media: It’s not Rocket Science

There are 2 things that really guarantee success when establishing a presence for your business on social media and online, perseverance and dedication. Just like anything else in life it means making plans and goals and sticking to them right? WRONG!  Social media is just like real life! It’s real people establishing real connections online based on WHAT’S happening in their lives. It has to be the same thing for your business. We all know the best way to win at business is word of mouth. We all love getting those referrals and receiving hot leads that are ready to work with us because someone else told them about the amazing experience they had with us! They just bragged to someone about you for no reason at all! You may have a rewards system set up where your customer receives something or it may just be because your so darn good at what you do how could they NOT tell their friends about you.

According to Washington Post, [teens] spend about 9 hours on the internet per day

Social media is the same thing! It’s a whole bunch of people talking about what they are doing all day long and telling their friends how amazing their lives are! Think about a 13-year-old girl or boy. She may be your daughter or he may be your son. According to Washington Post, she spends about 9 hours on the internet per day taking pictures, writing updates and sharing them with her friends and family. She is capturing pretty much every moment of her real life and putting it online to interact with her friends. You remember what it’s like to be young right? I do – and when I was that age I LOVED sharing stories about what was going on in my life and the lives of others. Remember that word we all hate but know we all secretly do? The habit we all develop? From what I can remember I developed this habit right around the oh so magic age of 13 – I mentioned it at the beginning of this post, that lovely little word we all know and secretly love, BRAGGING.

Amazingly I had this tool I could use….called Facebook!

For some of us it comes out naturally, others it may not. At least it did for me….it was so fun telling stories about what was going on in my life to my friends and hearing about their stories. I didn’t quite understand what I was doing exactly, but I was highlighting all the positive aspect of my life and developing a story about who I was! Amazingly I had this tool I could use to talk about it called Facebook! So of course, I would post about the fun things I was doing and parties I would go to. It was like a treasure chest for all of the memories I wanted to hold on to and remember about me. It’s the same thing for your business. If you use social media even a little bit I bet you post about the fun things you do on your personal page. Why not extend that to your business page?

Your business presence on social media should be an extension of everything your business is doing to service you and your clients or customers daily. Social media is a tool to showcase why you are so great at being you! It’s okay to brag on social media! People actually like it! They get to see the amazing things you are doing first hand and if you can make your messaging JUST RIGHT they actually feel like they were or can be a part of it. No matter what you are using social media for if it’s to build interest, provide information or to sell the number one most important thing to remember is your talking to real people. They don’t want fluff and “fake news” about how amazing the award you are getting are, or to be sold to 10 times a day like a big flashing billboard in their face. They want to experience your business with you and the best way for you to do that is to take the time to showcase your authentic business. Create an emotional connection with your audience. To truly start an authentic presence online thinking about the number of likes you want isn’t going to attract the customers you want. Knowing who you are selling to and how you are selling to them is the best way to get your messaging right.

Only approximately 5% of your following will ever see your business page in their news feed

You’re probably asking yourself well what about that dreaded algorithm that makes it next to impossible for me to be seen! Only approximately 5% of your following will ever see your business page in their news feed. This means if don’t have a least 1 piece of content going out from your page daily its next to impossible for you to reach your following let alone get them to share or even like your post. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it’s really not. Facebook has these great tools to help you schedule posts in advance! If you spend just 15 minutes on Facebook or any other platform per day you can EASILY manage you online business presence. Still sounds like a lot of work? Well you’re in luck join us this Thursday July 6th at the Center Wellington Chamber of Commerce, MEGS International in collaboration with ASC4Business will be hosting Mixed Messages for a second time! The first the social vs. social event series. In this workshop you will learn how to build an effective marketing plan using guerilla marketing techniques and how to extend each piece of your marketing plan online.

If you spend just 15 minutes on Facebook or any other platform per day you can EASILY manage you online business presence.

Like I said at the beginning of this chat, establishing an online presence is like anything else in life that makes you happy. Just brag a little!  Let us see who you really are! Make us smile, make us laugh, make us cry, whatever makes your business what it is and who YOU are. Gone are the days of the car salesman, it’s all about being REAL. So, let’s be real and get you be-HIND(???) to Mixed Messages, don’t let summer go to waste. Propel your business forward and maximize your growth,  double your momentum to send you steaming into the autumn months.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!


For more details and to register for Mixed Messages contact Sheri Copplestone, or call 519-362-3739.

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